Computer Hygiene

Have you looked at your keyboard lately? Does it look like it’s starting to grow fuzz? Maybe it’s starting to look like some monster from another planet.

It’s time to clean it up. The problem is who wants to damage that new beautiful LCD screen or keyboard? No worries. There are a lot of innovative ways to make your PC glimmer like the day you bought it. What can you do?

On the outside of your computer you can easily clean the nooks and crannies by taking a Q-Tip and dipping it alcohol. Rub it in the exterior cracks of your computer. This will help clean the dust. Try to do this at least on a monthly basis. You will be surprised at the stuff you have living in your computer shell.

What about all the cookie shavings, crumbs, or grease from popcorn that gets lost in your key board? Where do they go? I think they check-in to the keyboard hotel never to be heard from again. A good way to deal with the majority of the gunk is to use compressed air to blow it out. This is available at any store that sells computer products. They have come to be very popular.

To get into the smaller hard to reach places, you can use a thing called cleaning putty. It’s antibacterial and when you squish it into the keyboard, it will get so much disgusting junk out of it. After you have cleaned the key board, make sure to use a Q-Tip or swab to wipe up the small residue that is left behind. Afterwards, take a couple of minutes to marvel at your new computer. Brand new, ready to be dirtied again. Do this monthly.

What about the monitor? We have all heard the horror stories of people using the wrong thing which ended in them scratching their screen or monitor. Remember to think MICROFIBER! Don’t cheap out and try to use mom’s tea towels because you will probably regret it. You wont see the pizza stain or bread crumb in it and you will ended up squishing that into your LCD screen. Go out and buy a cleaning kit from your local electronic store. It will come with the proper liquid and microfiber rag that will assist you in taking care of your screen. The nice things is, the kits are very cheap and last a long time. If you don’t want to buy one, you can always dampen a paper towel but you will find it tough to get rid of the streaks.

If your office and not just your computer is in rough shape when it comes to cleanliness, call Triple Top Cleaning to get all your office messes sorted and taken out.